• To whom much is given, much is expected.
  • Spread your blessings.


The Giselle Marie Foundation was founded in 2015 as a not for profit organization compliant with 501(c)(3). Therefore any monetary contribution can be tax deductible.


To provide financial, housing and any other assistance to those in need and the disadvantaged.

Our Story

Spread your blessings

Welcome to the Giselle Marie Foundation. We are delighted and blessed to have you as a friend and as a partner in this life adventure called "Spread your Blessings." I invite you to read this story and as you do, I want you to profoundly think about your blessings.

Giselle Marie Foundation was born after our family went through a very difficult period. Our daughter, Giselle, was born with a very rare blood disorder. After years of going to countless doctors' appointments, tests, and evaluations, we got a diagnosis.

It was then when we were told that she needed a bone marrow transplant to cure her blood disorder. Our daughter was five (5) years old then. Devastation, desperation, despair, and uncertainty took control of our lives at that moment. Our faith began its own "testing" journey.

Our desperate search for a bone marrow started immediately. Our days, our nights, our sleep, our everything was consumed by this unstoppable search. Little did we know that our daughter's cure had been with us since her birth!

On February 8, 2013, we received the greatest gift of all. On that date, we found out that Giselle's dad was the perfect donor. We found out that her dad could cure her. We found out her dad could give her life for a second time.

On February 8th, 2013, we experienced happiness like never before.

On February 8th, 2013, we really understood what it is like to go from total darkness, sadness, and hopelessness to total brightness, happiness, and hopefulness in an instant.

On February 8th, 2013, our lives changed forever. From that moment forward, we made a commitment to help others experience the profound happiness we experienced that day. We made a commitment to spread the magnificent blessing we received to those who are facing difficult times.

Giselle Marie Foundation is helping us to do just that. Count your blessings and help us fulfill our mission. Count your blessings and help us light up the darkness. With all of our blessings combined, let us embark on the "Spread your blessings" life tour and give others the chance to have their own February 8th, 2013.